Why would you use high quality beam wiper blades?

23-11-2017 | 9:23 am
high quality beam wiper blades

People can overlook their wiper blades because they think that wiper blades can only remove rain water, stains and dust from their windscreen and they are required during the monsoon only. You can find various types of windscreens, wiper blades and window regulator and rear wiper arms in the market and you need to choose the best type of wiper blade for your car. Traditional wiper blades are designed with structural frames and you can find various exposed parts and limited contact points on these blades. They are not scratch resistant and they cannot provide you the best performance level. But now you can select the beam wiper blades which do not have any exposed parts and most of the car manufacturer currently use these blades in their new car models. Traditional wiper blades can save your ininial cost but you can get better facilities by installing the beam wiper blades only.


6 reasons to choose beam wiper blades:


You need to change the wiper blades on time because it is related to your dafety measurments. Without clear visibility, you cannot control or drive your car, and especially when you on a long drive, your car windscreen can accumulate huge amount of dust and rain water.  even you need to install some rear wiper blades and arms on the back of your car to maintain the safety measurments. So you need to know the difference between traditional wiper blades and beam blades to choose the best one for your car.


  1. You do not need to replace the beam wiper blades on recurrent basis, because they have minimum moving parts and they do not get affected by wear and tear.
  2. If you have traditional wiper blades on your windshield then you can find some spots on the windscreen because these blades have limited contact and pressure points and they are notable to cleam the screen completely. But beam blades have new technology and they have interminable pressure points. Even they have better connnection between blade and windshield and you can easily install them without any technical assitance.
  3. Beam blades are aerodynamic and these blades cannot been affected by high winds. You can easily drive your car during monsoon and your wiper blades can easily resist high winds.
  4. Beam blades does not have any exposed parts and they can reduce the risk of clogs.
  5. Beam blades are lighter and small. So they do not get affected by climatic changes, and they can provide you best longivity. Even most of the manufacturers of these blades can provide you one year limited warranty on their products.
  6. You can also install the beam wiper blades on your curved windscreen and these blades and their smooth edges can clean the curved portions of your windscreen. But traditional blades cannnot provide such facility and you need to clean the corners and curved portions of your windscreen manually.

Wiper blades are your first defense against hazardous weather conditions. So putting the best quality wipers on any vehicles become necessary.


Different types of wiper blades:


Wiper blades are the one of the most important safety tools for your car. But we can use the tattered wipers and wait for the monsoon to thing for its replacement. But this is a wrong concept and according to the road safety regulation, drivers can access clear visibility if they have proper wiper blades on the windshield. There are many types of wiper blades available in the market, and you are intelligent enough to choose the best affordable wiper for your car. But here you can find the details of three major types of wiper blades and after reading the section below you can go for your further purchasing.


Traditional frame wiper blade: these wiper blades are designed with traditional frame style and you can find a metal frame mounted the actual wiper. These metal bracket strips can be made of rubber or halogen hardened rubber. These frame style wipers are less costly and you can easily install them on your car wiper arms.


Winter wipers: these wiper blades are almost same as traditional frame wipers and you can just find an additional rubber layer on these blades. These protective rubber shells help the wiper to remove snow from the windshield during winter, and manufacturing companies claim that these winter wipers can also provide better longevity and durability when compared to the traditional wipers.


Beam style wipers: these wipers are one of the best premium styled wiper blades for your car and they are also quite costly than traditional wipers. These wipers are sleek in design, lightweight, and they are designed by silicone and double rubber technology. They can provide better weather resistant capacity and they do not get affected by heavy wind, rain water and climatic disasters. So if you install these beam wiper blades on your car then you can save your future expense and get best performance level as well as best visibility.


Different kinds of wiper blades availiable in the market:


Front wiper blade

  • Universal and multi-fit wiper blade
  • Specific fit wiper blade
  • Bus and track wiper blade


Rear wiper blade

  • Rear wiper blade and arm
  • Rear wiper arm cap


Window regulator-

  • Wiper Motor


Wiper System-

  • Washer pump
  • Washer jets
  • Water Tank
  • Wiper linkage
  • Rubber and refill and other wiper system product

So now you need to know that what kind of wiper blade you need for your car and in this regards, you can contact with your car repair center, or simple read your car manual to know your specific car wiper.


How would you choose the best wiper blades?

  • To choose the best quality wiper blades, you can search them online and you can check the company manual for the specifications of the blade. You can find these blades online with their specification, warranty, features, model number and price details. Apart from that, you can also buy the specific car wiper blade from the online store. Most of the manufacturers can provide you replacement warranty and if you find any operation difficulty in their products then you can replace the same at free of cost.
  • Depending on your driving conditions and the condition of your present wipers, you need to change them after six months to a year. It is suggested to change both wiper blades at a time because they come with same specification and they can provide better performance level if you replace both the blades after a certain time.
  • You can search these wiper blades online and then compare their price, and choose the best one according to your budget only.

Wiper blades and car wipers are the safety tools of your car and you must replace your old traditional blades with some new wipers. For more details, you can search them online now.


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