Other Wiper Blade

Wipers are not provocative, even to car fans and auto buffs. A thing to consider that a lot of us wait for hours to change worn out wipers but have you wondered how harmful is it? In any case, we should all perceive the way that our windshield wipers are urgent for having a reasonable view - and are subsequently fundamental for driving wellbeing.

For us our client’s happiness and satisfaction is valuable asset and we have always worked hard for it. Try buying products at wholesale rates from us. We ensure you about the best quality, smooth performance with high quality edges of every wiper blade, and we can also provide you limited warranty as well as replacement facility on all products.


ISO 9001:2000


Business Extends

to 78+ countries

2 Workshops and

3200 square meter

One-stop Sourcing

service provided

6 Works for Designing

and developing

400+ Tooling

developed experience

100+ Different Design

options offered

25-30 Days Lead Time

for new development

Auto-CAD, 3D-Max,

Pro-E supported

Design Origins From

European OE Samples