Rubber and Refill

These rubber linkages made with PBT raw material, Natural rubber and stainless steel sprint. It has a dedicated scratch-proof surface design. These rubbers undergo a unique painting treatment which includes 70 minutes heat treatment in 80 degree temperature. It also uses Copper bolt that can provide you better longevity and durability.

They also follow 100% OE design, and people can also install them without any technical assistance. Order products in bulk quantities at affordable prices and increase your profit through us. We always maintain the quality of our products and we also deliver the products after three tire quality assurance checking. This is because for us our client’s happiness and satisfaction is must.


ISO 9001:2000


Business Extends

to 78+ countries

2 Workshops and

3200 square meter

One-stop Sourcing

service provided

6 Works for Designing

and developing

400+ Tooling

developed experience

100+ Different Design

options offered

25-30 Days Lead Time

for new development

Auto-CAD, 3D-Max,

Pro-E supported

Design Origins From

European OE Samples